Waste collections resume in Grantham

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It’s business as usual for bin men in Grantham today, as the snow has largely cleared.

South Kesteven District Council has confirmed refuse collections have resumed today. However, households which would have had their waste collected on Monday and yesterday will have to wait a fortnight until their next collection.

A SKDC spokesman said the council will not catch up on those collections as lessons had been learned during previous periods of snowy weather.

She said it was “chaos” as many residents did not know their waste would be collected on a different day, plus sending out bin men to collect little waste was costly.

She added: “We did try it before and it just didn’t work.”

A statement on the SKDC website reads: “As this week is the week for recycling collections we will not be returning for missed bins later this week. We will return to make this collection in two weeks time when we will collect all materials left out.

“If you need recycling bags two per household are available for collection from your nearest area office. Please note that you can put recyclable materials in any coloured bag except black and pink.”

* No schools are reported to be closed, and there are no travel or traffic warnings in place.