Water babies make a splash at Grantham hotel

Water Babie.
Water Babie.
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Babies as young as just a few weeks old are now taking part in multi-award winning swimming lessons at the Ramada Hotel in Grantham.

The Water Babies programme, run by Charlie and Chris Craven, is designed to make the most of babies’ natural affinity with water, teaching confidence and safety using specialist techniques. Charlie and Chris were first introduced to the delights of baby swimming when they attended classes with their son, Luke.

Charlie said: “From the word go, we all absolutely loved the sessions. They were the highlight of our week, and made what was already a very special time absolutely perfect.”

In fact, Charlie loved the lessons so much that she left her career in communications and retrained as a Water Babies teacher. Less than three years later, she and Chris decided to start running lessons across the Leicestershire area. Charlie says: “The lessons provide such a special bonding time and it’s been amazing meeting some wonderful families throughout Leicestershire. We think there must be something in the water as we now have four sets of twins swimming with us! There is a huge sense of achievement seeing what the babies can do from so young and they clearly love the sense of freedom that being in water provides.”

Chris added: “With progressive training, babies can be taught lifesaving skills very early on, such as turning onto their backs or swimming to the nearest solid object following a sudden submersion. It’s fantastic what skills 
children can learn at such a young age, and it’s vital that they do.”

Water Babies classes first class took place in Grantham this month. For more information call Chris or Charlie on 01664 567302, or visit www.waterbabies.co.uk