‘We’re freezing and wearing coats indoors’ says Grantham family

Levi-Kodie Franklin and Alfie-Jack Haynes with mum Kelly Haynes
Levi-Kodie Franklin and Alfie-Jack Haynes with mum Kelly Haynes
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Now that winter has arrived it’s rather chilly outside – and it’s chilly inside too at the Haynes household.

The family lives in a council-owned property in Canberra Crescent, Grantham, and after their boiler broke three weeks ago they have had no heating – and they have a further two weeks to wait until it is fixed.

Mum-of-three Kelly Haynes, 32, told the Journal the boiler broke shortly after a routine check by contractors for South Kesteven District Council, which owns the property.

This is not the first time the family has appeared in the Journal – we ran an identical story almost exactly two years ago. Now, not only are the family now without heating, the boiler leaked water on the hallway carpet which will now have to be replaced.

Kelly said: “The council said it’s going to be another 14 days before they get the part to fix the boiler.

“My children are waking up in the night because they’re so cold.

“All I’ve had from the council is two little fan heaters – I’ve got three children and three bedrooms! It’s diabolical – we’re absolutely freezing. We’re having to put our coats on in the house.”

Alfie-Jack, 10, Levi-Kodie, 6, and Shannon-Rose, 13, were kept off school on Tuesday, said Kelly, to let them stay in bed longer following a cold night.

An SKDC spokesman said four unanswered calls have been made to Kelly to make access appointments. He added: “Where we have not been able to gain access to complete a repair, our current operating procedure is that until a visit is confirmed any repair cannot commence.”