We rejected KFC plan for the good of Grantham

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I READ your provocative comment column with interest as I was one of the committee who rejected the proposed KFC development because the ‘style of building was not to our taste’.

In spite of the fact that the boarded up pub, the maltings building, the lumpy field and the empty haualge yard - the development control committee voted to reject the plans by a large majority precisely because they have a vision for Grantham that does not involve jumping at the first half-baked, ill-conceived plan that comes along, and merely accentuates the obvious problem rather than alleviates it.

If a more considered approach had been taken in the past then we might not now be left with derelict land, under-used buildings and a reputation for Grantham that SKDC Councillors are doing their very best to turn around - perhaps to the detriment of other locations in the authority.

Yes we need jobs, yes we need trade and this is an opportunity for a innovative entrepeneurial mind to come along with a plan that does fit the bill and rest assured when that does happen we will fully embrace the plan.

Cllr Mrs Judy Stevens

Via email