Website designed to help businesses and workers in the rural sector

Hugh Fell and Rachel Fisher of Work Rural.
Hugh Fell and Rachel Fisher of Work Rural.
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A new online recruitment service to help people in the rural sector has been launched.

Work Rural launched this week to help increase employment levels across the entire rural sector by providing a direct and affordable way for businesses to reach and connect with job hunters.

A first of its kind, the online recruitment service is the brainchild of Hugh Fell, from Worlaby in Lincolnshire, who leads a rapidly expanding business in the rural sector. His greatest challenge is finding good people and, frustrated at the lack of somewhere to go that focuses on why people want to work, live and interact in the rural areas, Fell has set up Work Rural.

Fell said: “As an employer, all I want to do is find excellent people that want to find a great job. The concept is simple but there is a gap at the moment in the rural sector. The sector is vast and comprises a number of interlinking industries - making recruitment a minefield.”

Work Rural aims to develop a knowledge economy that provides the resources needed to improve both the quantity and quality of rural employment. By doing this, it says it will increase interaction between job hunters and employers. Rachel Fisher, who will direct the management of the site, said: “Work Rural will offer something that the entire rural sector - from farming, forestry and agriculture to professional, scientific and technical industries - is desperately lacking. Based on our collective team experience of working with rural businesses and people, we know that it’s extremely difficult to find high-quality people quickly, efficiently and at an affordable rate.

“The main aim of Work Rural is to provide a simple-to-use, cost effective way for employers and employees to find each other. For employers, the website will provide informed, detailed advice and support to businesses seeking the right candidates. For job seekers, it will help to match their skills to the right job enabling people to make informed decisions about what roles to apply for.”

Fisher added: “Our in-depth research has shown that the existing options out there are often too expensive to use regularly or, at the other end of the scale, low cost and not properly developed to meet the required need. Work Rural provides the missing link between employers and employees that just isn’t there at the moment - a vacuum that creates serious issues for the rural economy.”

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