Well done to the Journal for exposing A&E plans

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A big thank you to the Editor and staff of the Grantham Journal for putting both sides of the story on the ‘A&E In Crisis at Grantham Hospital.

How the Trust thinks replacing senior Drs and Consultants with GPs will enhance the care provision beggars belief.

The previous Government downgraded Grantham Hospital because we are in a Conservative-controlled area, with no votes for them.

Now we are being kicked in the teeth by the present Conservative Government!

It brings a new meaning to never trust a politician. Sadly, I see Paul Lewis - Grantham Hospital A&E Clinical Nurse Manager - is being scapegoated again, just for being good at his job and popular with patients.

When will United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust realise the people of Grantham will never respect them until these underhand tactics stop. It’s a sad day for the people of Grantham.

Linda Jones

Gloucester Road