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What does Grantham MP Nick Boles have to say about Boris Johnson's cabinet?

Grantham MP Nick Boles has attacked Boris Johnson's new cabinet, claiming it shows Nigel Farage is running the country.

His comments came as Mr Johnson revealed an extensive cabinet reshuffle, with more than half of those from the Theresa May era being sacked.

The now independent MP, who quit the Conservative Party earlier this year over disagreements over Brexit, said it showed: "The hard right has taken over the Conservative Party."

Nick Boles (14271289)
Nick Boles (14271289)

He continued: "Thatcherites, libertarians and No Deal Brexiters control it top to bottom. Liberal One Nation Conservatives have been ruthlessly culled. Only a few neutered captives are being kept on as window dressing."

The MP, who has previously complained of infiltration by former UKIP party supporters - something denied by associations, including that of Grantham and Stamford - also said: "The takeover that started in local constituency parties is now complete. The Brexit Party has won the war without electing a single MP. Boris Johnson isn’t our new Prime Minister; Nigel Farage is."

The former minister in David Cameron's government added: "Some will mourn the death the modern compassionate Conservative Party. I do not. It was a makeover, and never more than skin deep. The takeover of both main parties by ideologues creates an opportunity for something new and different. Out of decay will spring new shoots."

Earlier, responding to the editor of the New Statement, Mr Boles said the reshuffle was telling 'liberal Conservatives' who supported Cameron and Remain to "p*** off and find a new home, that’s what".

The MP also commented later: "Everyone appointed to the Cabinet today has pledged to stand behind a No Deal Brexit on October 31. Tomorrow and Friday every junior minister will be required to do the same. So will every Conservative candidate in an autumn election."

While many commentators have noted Brexiteers winning many promotions into the new cabinet, the ConservativeHome website reported

15 out of 33 voted Leave and 18 out of that 33 voted Remain- nine of 23 full Cabinet members, and six of the ten who are entitled to attend.

In Theresa May’s final Cabinet, seven out of 29 voted Leave and 22 out of that 29 voted Remain - six out of 23 full Cabinet members, and one out of the six entitled to attend.

ConservativeHome believed best guide to who was promoted was their support for Mr Johnson in the Tory Party leadership campaign, which this week, revealed he had the support of two-thirds of the Conservative Party members who voted.

The website reported 19 out of 33 cabinet members voted for Mr Johnson, that being 12 out of 23 full Cabinet members, and six out of the ten entitled to attend.

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