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What’s in your horoscope for 2020?

Horoscopes, provided by Cassandra Nye, reveal what's in the stars for 2020.

ARIES, (March 21 - April 20)

Your natural curiosity leads you to make many surprising discoveries about those around you. Friends may feel as though you are putting them under a microscope. Far from it. What you aim to achieve is a closeness that is really needed. Shallow relationships are not for you as you seek someone special. With sharp instincts and a clear view of the future, you are happy to change from frustration to determination. It is not too late, you realise, to be the person that you always wanted to be. Be it a soul mate or a soul pal, whoever you find shows the way to the future.

Horoscopes for 2020. (25607561)
Horoscopes for 2020. (25607561)

OVERALL: A year in which you experience fresh starts and stimulating friendships. These come in part from concentration and hard work.

TAURUS, (April 21 - May 21)

No more looking back. No more being afraid of what lies ahead. This is the year to find your strength and your ‘real’ self. That means letting your dreams and desires filter through to your imagination. Calm your thoughts and be honest about what you really want and need from your life. At times out of your comfort zone, nonetheless you will discover talents and creative responses. Surprising others with your change of heart is only part of this transformation. You even surprise yourself!

OVERALL: A year in which you gain knowledge and understanding linked to your working life, leading to travel and personal growth.

GEMINI, (May 22 - June 21)

In the last year, you may have come to the realisation that you have more talents than others realise. So, are you still trying to fit in with what family and friends expect of you? A full-on fresh start begins with understanding and loving yourself. This is your year. Be flexible, patient, determined and creative. Be guided by your social life, getting out more and making new friends. Remember one very important thing though: knowing that you can’t please everyone, just please yourself. Be the person that you know you can be by showing courage as this New Year begins.

OVERALL: A year in which you decide to take charge of your destiny. Those who travel with you gain in wealth and confidence

CANCER, (June 22 - July 23)

Now is the time to please yourself. Yes, I know that you like to feel anchored and secure. But all the time, Cancer? No. Create some space for yourself to explore, grow and feel the world around you. The more sensual and imaginative side of you may have been drifting in the wrong direction, blown away by chilly winds of misunderstanding. Get into something new where there is a chance to learn and grow. Be flexible and, once again, find your lighter side. Start by depending on yourself rather than others.

OVERALL: A year in which you need to take charge of your finances. Help in this comes from a new and exciting relationship.

LEO, (July 24 - August 23)

Deciding which direction to go in this year has nothing to do with looking at a map. Stop for a moment to think about what you want and need. There is now the chance to improve your attitude, health and direction. Give others the chance to take over niggling and negative situations, while you seek to make real progress with your own talents and ambitions. We often talk glibly of ‘finding oneself’. Well, this is your chance to do just that. Any limitations as the year begins are self-imposed, so get rid of them quickly!

OVERALL: A year in which you work with others closely. This improves both your prospects and health choices.

VIRGO, (August 24 - September 23)

For you, this is a year of seeing things and people as they really are. This is not always comfortable but it gives the chance to make long-overdue changes. Sometimes you may have hesitated to make strong changes for fear of failing. Realise that it is normal for things to not always go to plan. All of life is a learning curve, sometimes trickier than we would like. The year ahead, however, sees success driven by your courage, talents and optimism. You have no one to answer to but yourself, so be yourself!

OVERALL: A year in which you choose to work hard to gain success. Equally you see much pleasure and personal happiness.

LIBRA, (September 24 - October 23)

Having the wisdom to know who you are is one of your lucky talents. Sometimes in the recent past, however, you have tried to please others by ignoring your own desires and needs. This year it must stop, or you could feel frustration, lack of creativity and loneliness. Bump up your social life. Seek out people who think as you do. Positive influences and a return of your sense of humour are essential. True, you have a lot to give but there is also a need to be loved, appreciated and emotionally supported.

OVERALL: A year in which romantic love may come and go, the family being the bedrock of your true fulfilment and happiness.

SCORPIO, (October 24 - November 22)

This is a time when you take back control. Some parts of your life are great and successful and these you will hold on to. What you are looking at now are those that have gradually (and sometimes over some years) crept in. They have turned out to be negative and time-consuming. That time will now come back under your control. This gives you emotional freedom, satisfaction and a fresh sense of purpose. These changes take courage and imagination. Show others how courage and imagination can thrive for everyone.

OVERALL: A year in which you gain in experience and happiness, especially where it relates to home and family.

SAGITTARIUS, (November 23 - December 21)

Insight means looking inside yourself and it can be emotionally uncomfortable, no doubt! However, the New Year gives you the chance to make changes and finally see the truth that is all around you. Situations have disappointed, people have disappointed. You may have made excuses for this, sometimes even blaming yourself. Mistake. When it comes to emotions you need to open up and admit what your heart, soul and very being need to be happy. We are not talking merely survival, we are talking JOY

OVERALL: A year in which finances can thrive and allow you to go ahead with a long-standing ambition.

CAPRICORN, (December 22 - January 20)

The thought may have been sliding around in your head for some time now that ‘I deserve better than this!’ You are on the right track to make changes. Of course, there are some who will think that they are perfectly happy as they are. To those I would say, ‘You can build on this to do even better.’ This grand New Year gives you the chance to finish what has been started. Continue to let others take on more tedious and time-consuming roles. You need the freedom now to be who you were meant to be once again.

OVERALL: A year in which you decide to take charge of your finances which, by its very nature, satisfies and provides what you need.

AQUARIUS, (January 21 - February 19)

This is a strongly forward-looking year. Now is the time to stop looking to the past over any successes or failures. Old methods don’t work so well now. You need to take on a new set of rules and have higher expectations. Only then will your courage and imagination let you succeed. Over the last few years, life has become complicated, confusing, changeable and downright scary. Maybe you just want some peace and stability. Your choices now have a chance of working in a dynamic way as a supercharged you will show others how it is done!

OVERALL: A year in which you need to ‘take the bull by the horns’ to have what you need and avoid disappointments.

PISCES, (February 20 - March 20)

Sometimes in the past you have lived very much in your head, trying to keep life black and white and practical. This is a good survival strategy. The year ahead, however, wants you to do more than survive. You need to feel stable and in a good place, of course. Hold on to what is good but bring in more love, creativity and satisfaction. This needs you to branch out socially and be more inquisitive. A new job may beckon that uses more of your talents and shows appreciation. Just be very aware of your choices.

OVERALL: This will be a year in which you enjoy a thriving social life, maybe too thriving? Be sure to take care of your finances and health though.

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