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Grantham expert has advice for owners if their dog has Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough is doing the rounds!

For dog owners this is not good news. Kennel Cough is like COVID-19 for dogs. It’s generally an airborne virus and bacterial illness that can also be transmitted by infected dogs sniffing and licking grass etc in the field. It can be caught by any dog whether they have had the vaccination or not. Normally, vaccinated dogs only get mild symptoms, but there are exceptions to this.

There are many views on what you should and shouldn’t do with your dog once they start showing the symptoms of Kennel Cough.

Sara Barnes, of Who Lets Your Dog Out? in Grantham. (44219425)
Sara Barnes, of Who Lets Your Dog Out? in Grantham. (44219425)

Below are the views that I follow and advise my customers:

As it is a respiratory illness, dogs should ideally not be exercised, but if they need it then stay out of busy dog public spaces and definitely not off lead. In simple terms stay away from other dogs.

If your dog attends day care or has been out on group walks then let the pet professional or your friends know. The incubation period can be up to 10 days before symptoms show, so they could have been carrying it and passing it on before you know they have it.

Your pet should not return to day care or group walks until at least 14 days after their last cough. I appreciate that this can be a real inconvenience to you as the pet owner, but this is all about trying to break the cycle of infection, as your pet care professional doesn’t want to have to close their business to all their customers due an outbreak.

If you need someone to come in and let your dog out for a pee break while you are at work they need to be sure to change their clothes after being in contact with your dog, before they visit other dogs as kennel cough can live on our clothes and therefore be transported from house to house.

It might not be essential for your dog to go to the vets and get antibiotics, but if you take them to the vets let the surgery know that is why you are coming, and don’t enter the building unless invited in by the staff.

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