What would you like to see replace the paddling pool in Grantham’s Wyndham Park?

Option 1 design for Wyndham Park in Grantham.
Option 1 design for Wyndham Park in Grantham.
Have your say

Five designs for a new-look paddling pool in Grantham’s Wyndham Park have been revealed - and now you get to have your say.

Members of the public are being urged to comment on their preferred option by South Kesteven District Council and the Wyndham Park Forum.

Option 2 design for Wyndham Park in Grantham.

Option 2 design for Wyndham Park in Grantham.

There will be two consultation events where you can choose your favourite. The first is in the Isaac Newton Shopping Centre on Saturday between 10am and 2pm. The second will take place in the park’s bowls pavilion on Sunday between 10am and 2pm. The public can also leave their views on the options in a comments book that will be made available at both events.

The scheme is expected to cost around £80,000, half of which will be funded by the council with the other half coming from a grant application to WREN (Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd).

It is hoped the work will start in the autumn and be complete for summer 2014, depending on if the application to WREN is successful. The consultation is part of the application. A decision on if it is successful should be made by WREN in the summer.

SKDC said the new-look pool is the first of “many improvements planned over the next few years”. The £80,000 investment is as a result of a consultation carried out during the spring of 2011 that identified upgrading the paddling pool as a high priority for local people.

Option One: Splash pad

This has the following features:

• A fun guy – a mushroom shaped feature that sprays water from nozzles in its cap

• A funbrella - a stream of water cascading in an umbrella shape

• A sneaky soaker - this spills water on those standing underneath it at random intervals

• Various ground jets and sprays - including a spray tunnel, a wave spray and a confetti spray – all of which use water to create different effects

• A Newton’s apple themed water feature

Option Two: Splash pad

This has the following features:

• Splash pool - water gathers in the middle of the splash pad to provide a paddling area

• Spray effects - vertical and arching jets that shoot up from the splash pad floor

• Touch sensitive activators - water sprays up when activated by hand or foot by splash pad users

Option Three: Splash pad and paddling area

This has the following features:

• A splash pad based on a beach theme

• A ’Sea Scoundrel’ - a play panel with five water jets to spray at other users, a mast with sails and two tipping buckets that pour water on to users underneath

• A water cannon - able to be fire a soft fountain of water into the splash pad area

• A shallow paddling pool area to paddle in filled by an arching water fence, hydro blasts and a water web

Option Four: A water play and sand area

This has the following features:

• A raised interactive water feature that allows users to pour and play with water

• Play platform with climb feature and sand buckets

• Sand area with stainless steel sand diggers and sand buckets

• Sand transport system and bar for users to pour sand down chutes

• A sand sieve table with swivel crane

Option Five: Paddling pool and splash pad

This has the following features:

• An area dedicated to a traditional paddling pool -a floor area of 25m2

• The remaining space a splash pad – a floor area of 36m2

• The splash pad has six play items

– One caterpillar above ground feature

– Three blow holes (ground level)

– Two mini fountains (ground level)