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When Grantham’s MP said his Norway model would ‘frustrate’ the referendum result.

Grantham MP Nick Boles has been revealed to have u-turned his views on a ‘Norway model’ for Brexit.

The change of viewpoint was exposed on Thursday on the right-leaning Guido Fawkes website, which last month also revealed Mr Boles said in 2010 that MPs should stand for re-election, should they switch parties, like former town MP Quentin Davies did.

On Thursday, Guido Fawkes, noted a piece Mr Boles wrote for the Daily Mail shortly after the 2016 referendum where he argued that keeping the UK in the EU’s Single Market is a tactic of Remainers desperate to frustrate the referendum result.

Guido Fawkes reported: “He called Norway model advocates “noisy and opinionated..diehard Remainers, who refuse to “listen to the voters.”

The MP had also said: “They calculate the best way to frustrate the referendum result is for Britain to confine itself to a ‘technical’ exit only.”

“This would mean sliding seamlessly into a position like Norway’s, where we are still in the Single Market, still bound by freedom of movement laws and still subject to rulings by the European Court of Justice.”

In the article, Mr Boles also spoke of when the result came in that Leave had won, the Remain-supporting MP was “plunged into despair” and “in the deepest slough of despond” but he had to make Brexit work.

He said: “It’s called democracy, and if MPs don’t respect it then we shouldn’t be in Parliament.”

Mr Fawkes commented: “If 2016 Boles thinks Norway is bad, imagine what he would have thought about ‘Norway+’ which drags the UK even closer to the sufficating rule of the EU by tacking on membership of its Customs Union, which Norway, Iceland and Switzerland are all free from.

“Guido agrees with the Nick of 2016.”

Over the past week, Mr Boles has been further promoting his ‘Norway+’ proposals, claiming cross-party support for them. His backers now include Guardian commentator Owen Jones and Stephen Kinnock MP, son of former EU Commissioner and Labour leader Neil Kinnock.

On Thursday, when the Guido Fawkes piece was published, the Grantham MP re-tweeted a video from Stephen Kinnock which showed how some major Leave supporters had also changed their views.

Several had previously called for Britain to stay in the Single Market, Norway-style, in contrast to their views today that you must leave it for Brexit to properly happen.

Among them, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, is seen describing Norway as a "rich, happy, self-governing country."

Mr Boles also tweeted in response to Guido Fawkes: "It’s a fair cop. I am older, wiser (and balder) now. Back in 2016 I was naive about the alternatives on offer. Now I am in no doubt that leaving the EU and entering Common Market 2.0 is the right compromise for the U.K."

The Guido Fawkes article can be seen here: https://order-order.com/2019/01/10/boles-norway-model-frustrate-referendum-result/

The People’s Vote video featuring Leavers can be seen here:


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