Where should the memorial be placed?

War memorial on Houghton Road. George Reeve and Charmaine Morgan. 719C
War memorial on Houghton Road. George Reeve and Charmaine Morgan. 719C
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An appeal is underway to save the war memorial, which is situated at the former Aveling Barford site, before it is damaged.

District councillor Charmaine Morgan, principal conservation officer at South Kesteven District Council Ian Wright and service veteran George Reeve are working together with site owners Buckminster Estate to try and decide what should happen to the memorial.

It is dedicated to the 17 workers of the company, who lost their lives in the war between 1939 and 1945.

Coun Morgan said: “I was told that during the war this site was hit by the Germans. And the person in the watchtower was killed.”

But now most of the site has been demolished and there are concerns over the safety of the memorial.

Mr Wright said: “This area is going to be developed and at some stage everything around it will be demolished. But we don’t want to do anything that’s going to offend the relatives.”

The trio is looking at the options of what to do with the memorial but would like to hear the opinions of former workers and relatives of those killed. The options include; replacing the memorial on the site with a replica, moving the memorial to the Guildhall, or placing it at Wyndham Park.

Coun Morgan said: “We would like to keep it here but if it stays I believe it is at risk. We want to put it somewhere secure and then put a replica somewhere else. We hope the relatives will get in touch.”

The group is also hoping to collect memories that people may have from Aveling Barford and their relatives who worked over the years.

Coun Morgan is hoping to collate the information for future generations to be able to read at the Guildhall.

Contact the group via 
charmaine725@btinternet.com or call 01476 574748.