Who does our MP really represent?

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I HAVE grave concerns about the state of this country, Lincolnshire in particular. Some plain speaking is desperately needed.

Briefly, watching our MP Nick Boles, I was concerned just who he represents - the people who voted him in, or PM David Cameron, who is so far removed from reality and the worries of the population.

The public, their constituents and the electorate are not engaged on immigration, EU matters - a referendum was promised. William Hague seems to think the people he represents – all of us – are incapable of deciding for ourselves.

The Journal reports on all the houses to be built, taking away agriculture, damaging the environment and the countryside. The downfall we have all revolves around immigration and the EU.

Nothing has been addressed on economic waste. We have a situation where the working and middle classes are providing wealth to Mr Cameron’s class.

Beware, the scenario is set just like in the 1930s.

Mr Boles, you convinced the voters once, the question is will you manage it again?


Chapel Row, Skillington