Who will wear the crown at Vale’s Got Talent?

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The countdown has begun, and competition to be crowned the 2016 Vale’s Got Talent winner is as tough as ever.

Once again The Grange at Radcliffe-on- Trent was full to capacity last week as 15 very talented performers put on a stunning second semi-final show for the audience and the judges.

Lizzy Watts

Lizzy Watts

Head judge Grantham’s aka Vincent Eager commented: “Just when you think the quality of the acts cannot get any higher, they do,”

The judges found it extremely difficult to find that line between those who will go through to the final and those who will not but eventually decided on 12 (more than previous years) acts to go through to the final on December 2.

Winning through and booking their place in next Friday’s final, also being held at The Grange, were Africa, a 17 strong dance act from the Belvoir Dance Academy. They were the first act of the evening and set a high standard for others to follow.

The girls looked stunning with body paint that fluoresced under the UV lighting.

Also appearing in Friday’s final after impressing the judges will be Lizzy Watts, who attends Kesteven and Grantham Girls School and is an accomplished musician, playing the piano to Grade 5 and guitar to Grade 4.

However she has only been playing the ukulele since December 2015. Her competence of playing and professionalism in performance impressed the judges.

Africa and Lizzy will join eight acts from the first semi-final - making 20 finalists in all - including dancer Poppy Abbot, a 14 year old pupil from Walton Girls’ School in Grantham who has been studying ballet, tap and modern dance at the Bingham School of Dance.

Sax, more than 20 young dancers from the Belvoir Dance Academy who filled the stage to great effect, and Waves - a 12-strong group of young talented dancers from the same academy complete the local representatives in the final.