Why are our rivers running dry?

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I MANAGED TO take this photograph on Saturday 22nd October: it shows the increasingly sorry state of the River Glen between Burton-le-Coggles and Bitchfield, and shows the sad reality of climate extremes.

I have witnessed and photographed similar conditions on other small local rivers over the last five years.

The most recent images are following a drought in the region, but previous records I made of dry river beds were taken in November and February when you would expect some water in the rivers.

I wonder if the rivers are being made too efficient somehow, and as a result they are perhaps allowing the water to too quickly run away?

I wonder if the river beds have become too even, and that maybe if there were some hollows to retain some water that wildlife would have a better chance of survival?

I wonder if agricultural land is too efficiently drained and if slower seapage of the water held in the ground would help to maintain the rivers?

Does anyone have thoughts on these points?

Richard Haynes