Why are they trying to kill our carnival?

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I am having difficulty in choosing words which you can print to demonstrate my feeling of disgust regarding the approval for the route for the Grantham Carnival this year and every year.

I find it unbelievable that after 26 years the Highways Authority cannot decide what route the parade should take.

A massive amount of voluntary man-hours is spent every year on organising the event, and all the Highways Authority can say is “NO”?

I believe that the people of Grantham and the surrounding area deserve much better than that.

And for Mr Thompson to say ‘he would work with the Carnival Committee to agree a route’, he obviously has no idea about planning this annual event.

I have taken part in the parade in bands and it is important to remember that these bands do not sit on their hands to wait for a decision from Mr Thompson.

No, they will confirm parades well in advance in other towns so they know what they are to prepare for. Come on Mr Thompson, make a positive decision on having this parade route down the High Street.

It will take, at the most, ONE hour out of the whole YEAR. Is that really too much to ask for?

So the answer should be YES! Grantham can have its ANNUAL Carnival down the High Street, this year and ALL the years to follow.

Decision Made.

That is what the people of Grantham want and deserve.

Victor Humphries

Barrowby Road