Why aren’t we being listened to?

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I AM writing as a frustrated resident of Rushcliffe Road: frustrated not so much with the proposed build of the Priory Ruskin Academy, but frustrated with the lack of consideration for the residents of not only Rushcliffe Road, but Sandcliffe Road and the surrounding area, as well as increased traffic on an already congested Manthorpe Road.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a ‘not in my back yard’ person. I welcome the school and the education it offers the young people of Grantham. It is the fact that despite consultation, the local residents have not been listened to.

Lincolnshire County Council’s Academies Project Director Paul Holmes states that he thinks the residents appreciated the efforts made to improve access.

Well Mr Holmes, unfortunately you are misguided, as I for one feel that little to no effort as been made.

A traffic survey that was carried out was done at a time when pupils were away on a school trip, that was convenient. Another survey was promised but no evidence of this has yet been forthcoming.

A pathway in Queen Elizabeth Park to Langford Gardens is a waste of money, as pupils will not take a detour from the Queensway area to use it. They will continue straight through to Manthorpe Road as they do now and use Rushcliffe Road.

It is said the pupils will be encouraged (so no guarantee there then) to walk or use pushbikes, OK when the weather is fine, but if it rains then it becomes car chaos.

And despite efforts by the school, pupils still ride their bikes on the pavement or the wrong side of the road.

Very early on in the residents / school consultation meetings it was suggested that talks with the King’s School with a view to land purchase for a second access were taking place, however this was not true as the talks were regarding an artificial playing surface.

Construction traffic is the next issue: the constant stream of construction traffic that will be coming on and off the estate and down Rushcliffe Road is unacceptable. This was raised several times by the residents and met with the same apathy that all other concerns have been met with.

Once built I understand that part of the old school will then be demolished, which will mean even more heavy plant and machinery shaking foundations.

This school is welcome, but it has never been the case of if it will be built, but a case of when it is built, without consideration for the impact on the surrounding area. All I would ask for is a second vehicular access.


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