Why destroy our historic treasures?

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Victorian houses are being knocked down, and leafy surrounds are disappearing with them, irrevocably altering the appearance and character of the town “over the river”.

The urban story east of the Witham is packed with the progression of inventive industrialists who built these prestigious houses, and surrounded them with orchards and exotic trees and plants - many of which still exist.

It has been well demonstrated that these houses can be restored to a useful life as homes and apartments or commercial buildings.

Examples include Norman Leys, the Bridge Street Maltings, the Spotted Cow and some of our GP’s surgeries.

On the eve of the loss of the Shirley Croft, and the fate of St Catherines House coming up at the next planning meeting- which will be the next piece of history to be destroyed?

Will we only stop when the developers have covered these green spaces with bricks and mortar.

Marilyn Campbell