Why is KGGS banning our girls from awards nights?

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How is it that an educational establishment that we are so proud of in Grantham can be seen to treat some of its students so unjustly?

In providing strong role models for young women to look up to, it would appear some are more equal than others.

Having been at KGGS from Year 7 to GCSEs, before continuing her education elsewhere, my daughter was left feeling extremely disappointed not to be invited to the ceremony where the girls - that stayed for A levels - received their GCSE certificates.

I’m told this policy is because there was an ‘incident’ several years ago involving girls who had left after their GCSEs, who’d come back for this ceremony, causing a scene.

Apparently, since then leavers have not been invited to return to celebrate their hard work and subsequent success. This was a bad decision that served little or no purpose.

The girls who supposedly misbehaved on that occasion are not affected by this punishment, only the girls who came after them.

My daughter and others we know, who also chose to leave KGGS, feel they have been punished more for choosing to leave than that they posed some kind of potential ‘social embarassment’ at the event.

The Headteacher’s PA told me it was a ‘Year 12 award ceremony’ and that some leavers were invited to attend if they were receiving a particular award.

What could be more important at this level than GCSE certificates? So what is KGGS saying here? That the GCSEs the girls worked so hard for don’t warrant celebration amongst friends and with the teaching staff who helped with their amazing achievements?

I understand all the girls who stayed for 6th form were awarded their GCSE certificates on the night, so something’s not ringing true here?

I’d be interested to know if other parents and their daughters have been left with a rather bad impression and a nasty taste in their mouths due to this insensitive and discriminatory approach to leavers,

Georgia Roberts

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