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'Why is Grantham MP so silent on Number 10 party scandals?'

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Our MP was parachuted into Grantham and Stamford because we are a very safe Conservative seat, says Adrian Abbs, Parliamentary Spokesperson, South Lincolnshire and Rutland Liberal Democrats.

He repays that by always voting with the whip and looks to climb up the political ladder by never rocking the boat.

Therefore, no matter how outraged local people might be about all the recent revelations he sees no reason to say anything. He's not in the same situation as many Conservative MPs that are now worried about losing their seats.

Grantham MP Gareth Davies (46176597)
Grantham MP Gareth Davies (46176597)

All I see myself is a culture of ignoring the rules. Starting with the PM, it spreads through his cabinet, advisors and apparently top civil servants but is also endorsed by MPs who remain silent or worse support what was happening.

A single incident might be understood by the majority of people (we all make mistakes), a few incidents could even be accepted by many people (we can ask, is their heart in the right place?), but something that is clearly endemic cannot be accepted.

We have only one way to get our voices heard and that is in the voting booth.

I'm certain that the Conservative party will work the odds of which is the best way to stay in power, but that won't change their culture. It just allows them to say "give us another chance, it will be different this time".

I do want to be clear here that I’m not having a go at Conservative voters, but rather at the party that represents them!

Just keep in mind that the Conservative party are experts at this, with decades of experience of playing the game, so whenever the change is made it will all be made to sound very reasonable.

The problem is that this is not a game, it is our lives, and our MPs focus on his party rather than the people means we lose out.

His silence on this issue speaks louder than anything else on what is most important to him.

Adrian Abbs

Parliamentary Spokesperson, South Lincolnshire and Rutland Liberal Democrats

West Side Avenue


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