Why punish us for being good recycling citizens?

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The current cost of landfill for domestic waste is £64 per tonne. The average cost for disposing of green waste is £28 per tonne.

Green waste collections save Council Tax payers £36 per tonne. A green wheelie bin holds a maximum of 90 kg. Assume that 30,000 green wheelie bins in South Kestevan are 1/3 filled and collected fortnightly. That is 23,400 tonnes at £36 per tonne = a saving to the Council tax payer of £824,000 per annum.

Every person who uses a green bin SAVES the Council £27.46 a year.

I will not pay the £25 tax for doing my civic of duty of reducing waste, improving the environment, and meeting our greenhouse gas reduction targets. From April 1st, all my green waste will go in to the black bin for landfill.

Instead of taxing me £25 for being a good citizen, Linda Neal can pick up the £27.46 annual bill for taking my green waste to landfill.

Eric Goodyer