Wife tells police she knew nothing about her own husband drink-driving her car

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A DRINK-driver fled from police after he was pulled over in Grantham town centre.

Robert Threlfall of Mallard Court, Grantham, admitted drink-driving, taking a car without consent and driving without insurance.

The court was told that the 38-year-old was drinking with friends at home when one asked for a lift. Threlfall then took his own wife’s car without her permission to drive his friend home.

Officers in the town centre pulled the car over but Threlfall and another male fled. The defendant was arrested after a short chase in Wharf Road.

He failed a breath test after blowing 43mg in 100ml of breath.

Threlfall’s wife made a statement to police saying her husband did not have her consent to drive the vehicle.

Mr Sheen, defending, said: “He had a couple of beers at home and was then asked by a friend if he could drop him off.

“Foolishly, he did so. He did so by taking the keys to the car, unbeknownst to his wife.”

Mr Sheen said Threlfall could not explain his actions but that “perhaps, because of a couple of beers his judgement was impaired.”

The case was adjourned until March 26 for pre-sentence reports from the Probation Service.