Will vicious greyhound’s owner pay vet bills?

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How sad to read that Smudge the Labrador was viciously attacked whilst out walking with his owner.

It is absolutely sickening to know that there are nasty dogs roaming the streets that can attack another animal on this occasion, or indeed it could have been a child, without provocation.

The irresponsible greyhound’s owner should be ashamed. The greyhound should not have been let loose on the street: I thought that all dogs had to be kept on leads at all times in public places?

According to a Lincolnshire Police spokesman ‘no criminal offences were committed’. Surely there has to be some action taken against the owner? There has to be some responsibility on the greyhound’s owner’s behalf.

The pain and trauma must have been unbearable for Smudge and his owner. I presume the vet’s bills are being paid for by the greyhound’s owner?

Also, fox hunting is a vicious activity. It is barbaric and does not hold a place in any society. It is not a sport as that would take willing participants.


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