Wind energy document will set out rules for new turbine applications

An example of a wind turbine.
An example of a wind turbine.
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A document which will heavily influence future applications for wind turbines is set to be given the green light by the district council’s cabinet on Monday.

The Wind Energy Supplementary Planning Document will give criteria to be applied when determining applications for wind energy developments.

The document spells out considerations which developers must take into account when making a wind turbine application. When considering the siting of turbines, some of the principles that must be followed are:

* Avoid unacceptable harm to historic settlements, particularly in areas of open landscape.

* Identify and avoid assets and historic landscapes with largely unaltered or intact settings.

* Avoid unacceptable harm to areas with numerous heritage assets and high archaeological potential to reduce the likelihood of physical impacts.

l Avoid unacceptable harm to areas with intricate and small-scale historic landscapes and where historic features are the only scale reference.

* Avoid unacceptable harm to undeveloped skylines visable from key heritage assets and key long distance views into heritage assets.

* Use historic features as a scale reference when selecting turbine heights.

* Consider the potential for cumulative and in-combination effects on the settings of heritage assets.

* Consider the potential for indirect impacts on the setting of heritage assets including noise and shadow flicker.

The document also raises concerns about the potential impact on tourism in the area from wind farms.

The document states that £117 million per year is contributed to the economy in the district from tourism.

The report states: “Medium and large scale wind energy installations have the potential to affect tourism in the local area and can cause both positive and negative effects.”

The document will be considered by SKDC’s cabinet on Monday before being put before the full council later in the year.