Wind farm policy for Lincolnshire: ‘It’s only right we should ask residents their opinion’

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Lincolnshire County Council has been outspoken against wind farms in recent weeks.

But the authority is seeking the input of people living in the county before setting in stone its hard line against turbines.

People have until Monday, January 21 to have their say by completing a questionnaire.

The county council’s position against wind farms is backed by anti-wind farm campaign group reVOLT which was set up in opposition to plans to build five turbines on land at Temple Hill, south-west of Brandon and north of Hougham.

The group is encouraging people to take part in the consultation “so that we can all protect homes and the countryside from unwanted and inefficient industrial wind turbines”.

Leader of Lincolnshire County Council, Coun Martin Hill, said: “Although supportive of alternative energy, we do question the efficiency of turbines and their impact on the county’s residents, landscapes and tourism industry.

“In June our executive members agreed a set of guidelines we hoped would be taken into consideration by local planning authorities and developers when deciding where to locate new developments.

“To give these more weight, we now want to turn our stance into an official council policy. However, it’s only right that we should first ask residents their opinion.”

The county council also passed a motion earlier this month calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to hold a referendum on membership of the EU.

You can complete the wind farm survey at

Alternatively, people can call the customer service centre on 01522 782226.