Wind turbines are not the solution to power issue

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Mr Nash last week wrote to the Journal about the time-rich ‘individuals’ that are opposing wind turbines in this area, suggesting they should ‘turn their heads away’.

Whilst Mr Nash was stoically looking in the other direction he didn’t notice that the ‘selfish individuals’ are actually Barkston, Hough, Carlton Scroop Parish Councils, The National Trust, English Heritage, residents and others.

The application by Mr Baines clearly states that 95 per cent of wildlife will be driven off the site of the Carlton Scroop turbines.

The Frinkley Farms application stated their turbine will harm wildlife.

Frinkley Farm rears animals and could have built an anaerobic digester instead to produce power, with less subsidies and less waste?

The Frinkley Farm turbine now flashes a bright light 135 times a minute at night, 200ft in the sky.

Wind turbines are only 24 per cent efficient. During extremly cold weather, turbines don’t turn at all. Tidal power is predictable and hydrogen fuel cell technology needs investment.

Wind turbines are built not for need, but for greed. The feed-in-tariff and subsidies are a way of printing money at the cost of you, me, people in fuel poverty and businesses trying so hard to make a profit.

When a high pressure system arrives and the wind dies, your wonderful wind turbines will be useless.

David Smith