Wind turbines could be biggest folly of all time

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WHEN someone says they did not realise how bad wind turbines are, it means they do not read the Journal very often.

With all the objections to them being reported in the Journal almost every week over about ten years or so, it’s a case of not noticing until it looks likely one may be put in one’s front garden.

Turbines are expensive to put up, so tax-payers’ money is used to subsidise the private companies erecting them. We all have to pay more for the electric they produce so that the private companies running them can make a profit.

Who will pay for them to be taken away when they are found to be not fit-for-purpose? The tax payer, that’s who.

Or will they be left to rust away to be evidence of the biggest folly of all time?

How long would it take one turbine to produce enough power to repay that used in its manufacture, transport, erection and maintenance?

PS: The £25 they are charging for green bins smacks of the poll tax, especially as they will charge pensioners who have only a few lawn cuttings, a few dead flowers and some vegetable waste the same as someone with half an acre or more!

Matt Whitelocks

South Witham