Woman died after falling at her home

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A WOMAN died after falling in her own home and striking her head against a chair.

Pauline Morgan, 57, of Rochester Drive, Grantham, most likely slipped on a rug which had been sitting in her living room on a wooden floor before banging her head against the leg of a wooden chair.

The alarm was raised by her partner, Stephen Weir, who was unable to get in touch with Ms Morgan all day.

He contacted her best friend, Susan Wydra, and the pair entered her home using Susan’s spare key.

Mr Weir discovered Ms Morgan, who appeared to have died some hours earlier, the house and the body being very cold.

Assistant Deputy Coroner Paul Smith said: “There is no evidence or suggestion of any third-party involvement in this sad death.”

Mr Smith concluded an accidental death, ‘on the balance of probabilities’.