Woman stopped for not wearing seat belt in Grantham tells police it hurts her breasts

Lincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police
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A woman who was stopped by police for not wearing her seat belt properly told them “it hurts my boobs”.

The woman was stopped earlier this week in Grantham and given advice about wearing a seat belt before she was allowed to drive on. Officers told her that by not wearing her seat belt she could cause herself serious injury.

After she was stopped, Lincolnshire Roads Policing Unit tweeted: “Female driver stopped in Grantham wearing her seat belt under arm. Advice given, she replied ‘it hurts my boobs’. I’ve heard it all now.”

Later the RPU said: “It is classed as not wearing a seat belt if not worn correctly. Also it could cause more injury.”

Not surprisingly, the incident has prompted a large reponse on social media. One driver said on Twitter: “Millions of other women in the country do it (wear a seat belt). Poor excuse, doesn’t work.”

Lyndsey Atkinson said: “I feel her pain. Between big boobs and a pregnancy bump, they’re uncomfy! I still wear mine tho.. rather be uncomfy than dead.”

A GP, Mark Folman, said: “Still haven’t ever given out an exemption to wearing a seat belt in my day job. Greater risk of injury not wearing.”