World record snooker match raises £1,000 for our appeal

Carl Gregory (left) Nean Asher (centre) from Community Books and Jonathan Fennell (right).
Carl Gregory (left) Nean Asher (centre) from Community Books and Jonathan Fennell (right).
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FUND-RAISING snooker players Carl Gregory and Jonathan Fennell raised £1,000 for the Journal cemetery fund by setting a new world record on Tuesday.

The lads began a snooker marathon at Hunters Bar at noon on Sunday and played continuously through until Tuesday afternoon, finally calling it a day after playing for 51 hours 38 minutes and 15 seconds.

Carl, 29, of Canberra Crescent, Grantham, said: “It’s not our world record, it’s the cemetery’s world record.”

The pair were minutes away from being caught out when, with 49 hours clocked up, they learned the old record of 50 hours had been beaten in Kent just last week.

This meant the already exhausted fund-raisers had to beat a new record of 51 hours.

The effort took it out of both men. Carl reported having hallucinations in the early hours of Monday morning and twice fell as he made his way round the table.

He said: “To be honest, if it wasn’t for the cause we are doing it for I would have given up after 24 hours.

“It’s been absolutely horrible. There are moments when you get a sudden boost of energy but at four o’clock in the morning I was literally pulling myself round the table.”

Carl and Jonathan were grateful for the many messages of support on Facebook and to the people who paid them a visit during their record attempt.

Jonathan, 34, of Kinoulton Court, Grantham, said: “It really helped that people kept coming to see us. We met a family whose parents graves were trashed and they were really appreciative of our efforts.”

The lads raised around £750 through sponsorship but received a late boost when Community Books in Welby Street pledged to increase their final total to £1,000.

Nean Asher of Community Books said: “We wanted to help the Journal fund and saw what the lads were doing and thought it would be great to help them make the money up. It’s a really worthwhile cause and they’ve done a brilliant job.”

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