YOU chose the Orrery - if you didn’t vote, shut up!

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SOME Grantham critics would seem to be grumpy old men, who regurgitate the same old rhetoric with no basis for their complaints.

When people are dying every day and our troops are fighting in Afghanistan, these people just want to moan about trivial things.

We all have different opinions, and are entitled to say what we think. Why should any councillor want to enter into any dialogue with someone whose sole intention is to be abusive and not enter into a meaningful discussion?

With regard to the Orrery, the people of Grantham were given three options to vote on and the Orrery came top and was the people’s choice. Like it or loath it, if the complainants did not vote they have no right to moan about it.

I agree, seats in the Market Place for older people would be a good idea but what happens when the Mid Lent Fair arrives in Town?

The council staff of both SKDC and LCC - including all councillors - are doing their best to improve Grantham, and who knows seating may be a future consideration?

I would like to see a BHS and/or a Primark in our town, but no large organisation is going to invest a large amount of capital into a venture that with the reduced footfall would not be an economical viability.

The people who shop out of town are instrumental in this reduction of footfall. On a point of information, the Mayor does not own any shops in Grantham, so he is not responsible for the closure of any shop.

As a new councillor I am still learning, but you cannot please everyone, I wish we could.

Thank you for letting me know the Mayor has been on a trip. I can assure you he has now come back down to Earth and is already back working for the benefit of the community.

Cllr Jean P Taylor

St Johns Ward

Mayoress of Grantham