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l What is our reader panel?


You’re eligible to join the panel if you care about the Grantham area and read the paper or use our website and all it has to offer.

By joining the panel, you’re giving us the opportunity to contact you from time to time to ask your thoughts and views (we might ask what you think about a particular section of the newspaper, how you rate a particular columnist or how interested you are in some changes we’re considering).

We’ll also ask for your views on what’s happening in the area. We’d appreciate your help in making sure we’re focusing on the issues that matter to you.

l How it works

- People register to join the Grantham Journal panel

- We send them a short survey via email or post (we prefer email), to learn a bit more about each panel member

- We send out further short surveys every now and then to the panel and try to share the results of the last survey with the panel.

- You’re not obliged to take part in the research (but we hope you will). Sign up today and you can see for yourself what it’s all about.

If you join but later decide you don’t want to take part, that’s fine - just let us know and we’ll stop contacting you.

l What’s in it for you

If you join our reader panel we hope you’ll find it a fun experience.

Whilst we’ll certainly touch on some serious subjects in our surveys, we’ll try to make it easy for you to share your views with us and in a way that might be quite entertaining.

To show our appreciation, we enter panel members into prize draws and we give members access to all sorts of freebies to thank them for their involvement.

We also share the survey results with the panel members.

That way they can see the impact of their feedback on the newspaper and website.

Possibly the best reason to get involved is this - you can influence the content and tone of your local newspaper and website.

That’s got to be a good thing!

We’re proud to serve the people of Grantham and we’ll continue to stand up for what’s best for the area.

Join our panel and you can help with our mission.

l Our commitments to you

We’re happy to make some promises to you:

- We’ll keep your feedback anonymous, unless you give us permission to quote you

- We’ll keep your feedback confidential, i.e your specific feedback won’t be shared with anybody else

- We’ll manage the panel in line with the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct

- We won’t share your contact information with anybody else

- We won’t send you promotional or marketing messages

- If you tell us you want to leave the panel at any stage, we’ll remove your details immediately.