‘You won’t notice a change’ after funding cuts says SKDC

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DESPITE losing millions in Government funding, the public will not see a change in the quality of service at South Kesteven District Council.

That is the message from council chief executive Beverly Agass and council leader Linda Neal.

The council has calculated it will lose £2.24 million in Government funding over the next two years but savings made over the past year with management changes, service reviews and budget reductions, are expected to cover the loss.

Chief executive Beverly Agass said the level of service to the public will not change, “with no impact on frontline services”.

Coun Linda Neal added: “In many ways I think the public will see an improvement if anything because we are working differently and quicker.

“We believe we have streamlined.”

Council officers have drawn up a new budget for 2011/12 which will go before cabinet next week and the full council later this month.

The proposals include a freeze on the district council’s portion of the council tax bill. However, council house rent is set to increase by 6.67 per cent.

Despite the loss of funding, the council is still committed to investing in Grantham’s future.

Beverly Agass said: “We are continuing to show a commitment to Grantham Growth.

“At a time when some authorities have closed their capital programmes down, clearly we are still focused on delivering outcomes with Grantham Growth.”

The council’s commitment to continuing to invest will mean a reduction in reserves, most of which can only be spent on specific areas such as housing, by £10.9m over the next four years. However, the council is confident much of these investments will produce a healthy return in the medium-term.

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