Young Grantham cyclist wants to thank Good Samaritan after falling against lorry

Ben and his mum Debby Summers
Ben and his mum Debby Summers
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An 11-year-old boy and his mum are seeking the Good 
Samaritan who helped after he fell into the front of a lorry on his way to school.

The accident happened last Friday morning at 8.15am when Ben Summers hit a bush on Sankt Augustin Way and then fell into the stationary lorry at some traffic lights by Asda.

The lorry driver got out to see if the St Hugh’s pupil was fine but a woman called Gina also came out to help, taking Ben to a nearby parking space and phoning his mum Debby Summers.

Debby later took her son to Grantham A&E, where he was found to have a sprained index finger. He was off school all day on Friday but returned on Monday.

Ben said: “I hit a bush and it sent me into the path of a lorry and I hit it. I was very shocked and shaken up. The driver got out to see I was okay, but the lady behind the lorry saw all of it. She asked me if I wanted to come with her to get out of the traffic on the road and go to a nearby area.

“I gave the lady my mum’s phone number and she was able to ring mum to come and collect me. We want to give her some flowers. The lady was really nice.”

Mum Debby Summers confirmed her son was “badly shaken” by the incident, saying he also suffered bruising. especially around his back and pelvic area.

She said: “I got a phone call from the lady. It’s every mum’s nightmare to hear your son had had a collision with a 
lorry. Ben is lucky to be alive. He suffered a terrible ordeal.”

The 43-year-old mother to three boys and two girls, who lives in Cecil Street, added: “I want to find her. All I know her name is Gina. Ben would like to give a bunch of flowers. I just want to thank her for finding my son and being so caring and such a good Samaritan.”

Debby can be contacted on 07593 584837 and at