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By chance I recently came across the graves of Henry and Myrtle Emily Stubley in Grantham Cemetery.

From an inherited family tree and talking to my elder sister Barbara, I have identified that Henry Stubley (1888 - 1953) was my father’s ‘Uncle Harry’ who was born in Woolsthorpe- by-Belvoir.

He was the father of the Rev. Peter Stubley, my fathers cousin.

My father was J.W.(Bill) Stubley - the ‘Singing Signalman’- who also spoke of his other cousin Edwin, who was killed in the war, and whose name appears on the War Memorial in Grantham H.P.O.

Pilot Officer E.J. Stubley, who was trained in Canada was posted ‘Missing believed Killed’ in 1944, whilst flying over Austria from Italy.

I am interested to know if he also was Henry’s son or perhaps the son of Thomas Stubley (b.1872).

I have wondered about the family connection, since both E.J. and myself attended the Kings School and were Post Office Engineers in Grantham.

I have some information, provided by an old friend from the Kings School archives, plus the memories of a wartime telephone operator friend who remembers a very pleasant quiet young man.

I am Brian Stubley and can be contacted on 01476.563799.

Brian ‘Stubbo’ Stubley

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