A pedestrianised thoroughfare is a waste of time without good shops

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IT has been sad and depressing to witness the decline in Grantham’s commerce during the last decade, losing old established shops such as Cox’s outfitters, Woolworths and the final straw, M&S - amongst others.

The decision to pedestrianise even more of Grantham at considerable cost and upheaval is the latest in a hair-brained scheme. Before such a plan, surely the retail trade needs some radical and creative thinking applied?

Small independent and interesting shops who are given incentives to set up here, along with sensitive and realistic rents to encourage a renewed vitality in the town.

A free-of-traffic thoroughfare is of absolutely no use without shops, cafes and the like to encourage the townsfolk and visitors from outside of the town to come here to spend time and money.

Encourage the public to give their views on what is needed in Grantham.

I’m sorry to say that I regularly shop in Newark – a far more dynamic town.

Wake up you planners and smell the roses – let’s be hearing from you.