A walk through the wild west – or Grantham?

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AS I walked from church on Sunday, July 22, my thoughts turned to the cinemas in Grantham when I was a boy. There was the Central, Empire, Picture House and State. We liked the cowboy films.

Grantham now reminded me of those lawless times because Grantham has become like those times. Two girls came riding their steeds from behind me, nearly knocking me off the footpath. One was receiving smoke signals on a phone. Just look at the High Street. Riders mounted on their steeds racing on the path. As you leave the saloons you have to jump back. People in stage coaches tearing from behind without a care, again on the footpath.

When we get a new marshall at police headquarters, will he get a posse of sheriffs up to come to this town and move the covered wagons on, off the yellow lines, and those tethered up on the footpath?

Perhaps he may set up a Pavement Safety Committee to help us.


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