Are we making full use of new market place?

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CAN someone explain why the new area of expensive slabs by the market cross is not being used on Saturdays with the market?

Just putting one row of stalls on it then putting all the other stalls down Conduit Lane and on the carpark down there seems odd.

Is it that the stalls are spread out so as to make the market seem bigger, or they don’t want to damage the slabs?

I’m afraid that’s already been done with lorries parked on them in the week, leaving oil patches on them.

On Saturdays the stalls are being dragged across them leaving scratches. There must be room on this area for at least another two rows of stalls, making full use of this new layout.

It might be that the same people are organising the market that organised the timing to put in the lampposts - surely these should have been put up before the slabs were laid, not after.


Harrowby Lane, Grantham