At last, some positive letters in the Journal

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At last, we have some positive letters in the Journal regarding Grantham!

I fully agree with the comments Ben Harness made. Like he, I moved up from the south a few years ago and Grantham has an awful lot going for it.

The cost of living here is significantly cheaper than further south, and we do have some great shops. The schools are amongst the best in the country.

True, there are quite a few empty shops but that is the same everywhere in the country. You cannot expect anything else after the worst recession since the 1930s.

The regeneration of the Market Place and Westgate will be a great thing for the town centre, and it has been long overdue.

I would suggest to people like Clive Schofield that if he is so thrilled with Newark then he should move there. At least it would mean there would be one less nay-sayer to write into the Journal every week to continually put Grantham down.

As a shop-owner in Grantham, I must say that I find his comments to be very negative and frustrating to say the least.

We need the support of the people of Grantham if we are to grow and thrive. Have people like Clive not noticed the ‘under offer’ signs that have appeared on Westgate over the last few weeks? Or do these people have selective vision?

By supporting our local shops and businesses it will encourage more businesses into the area.

Grantham is a great town to live in, we just need more people to speak up for it.

Tom Simmonds

(via email)