Be positive and take responsibility for your town

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In response to Mr Graham Barrett and his letter entitled “Why talk Grantham down all the time?” (August 14), no, I do not live in Midsommer, nor do I have my head in the clouds.

I am merely trying to encourage those people who insist on ruining Grantham to take some responsibility and be accountable whilst poking a little fun. Did you not read my positive comments about the pebble dashing and congratulations about the voluntary work that I have observed? Ironic that your response a) whilst asking for less negativity couldn’t example any of the positives you’re so desperate to hear about yourself and b) was extremely negative towards myself who was trying (with a little humour) to join in the community spirit to make Grantham a better place for all of us those that live here. I wonder if in fact you have ever visited Grantham? - I think I may be accurate in saying no you haven’t - you should, did I mention it’s mainly full of ribbons, ponies, flowers, butterflies and bunny rabbits?

Annoyed Visitor

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