Belton Lane already a rat run

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I’m writing to endorse the decision by the South Kesteven District Council’s Development Control Committee to reject the above planning application. I live on Belton Lane and agree entirely with Co. Geoff Thompson’s comments(quoted in your article). Belton Lane is already a “rat run” and we’ve sadly had 2 serious accidents in the last 4 months(I believe one was a fatality). Mr. Aspbury’s claim that the Manthorpe proposal “was no more likely to cause traffic problems than other developments included in the Grantham Growth Point bid…” misses the point and seems disingenuous, to say the least. One can’t avoid wondering why the developers chose to submit these proposals, knowing that The Council already had a growth strategy which ruled out housing development at Manthorpe. What a waste of public money.

I look to my Local council to make planning decisions which serve the interests of the Whole Community; not just commercial interests, however cleverly presented. I’m grateful it has stuck to its guns and hope it will continue to do so.

F. A. O’Leary

Belton Lane, Great Gonerby.