Belton Lane doesn’t need any more lorries, thanks

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I was sorry to read about the incident at the traffic lights on Sandon Road, which was brought to our attention in last week’s letters page by Alan Robinson.

I feel however, that I must remonstrate with the gentleman concerning his comment that the HGVs should not use Harrowby Lane and New Beacon Road, but should, ‘use Belton Lane, because that was built for these lorries’ to use.

Where did he find this little snippet of information? Belton Lane was around for many years before anyone had the bright idea of building industrial units on land at Alma Park.

As a resident of Belton Lane, I can assure him that the vast majority already use this route, and not Harrowby Lane as he suggested.

Unfortunately, many of the older properties on Belton Lane are built almost directly on the roadside, or have very little frontage - not a problem that the houses on Harrowby Lane have.

I can tell him first hand, that the vibration from the lorries shake our foundations, causing cracks in ceilings and walls, which constantly have to be repaired at great expense.

For goodness sake, give the Belton Lane residents a break for a change and stop trying to make life worse for us by forcing even more traffic down our motor-clogged road.

An angry Belton Lane resident

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