Big question is: why didn’t more people turn out?

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Well done to you and your staff for organising Friday night’s Question Time.

It was a great pity that so few people bothered to turn up, but I guess this reflects the considerable apathy and lack of trust that the people in our country have in politicians and councillors.

I was given the opportunity to question Mr Boles regarding the fact that some people in Grantham are in such a critical financial situation that they cannot even afford to buy food, yet we are content to send billions of pounds to foreign countries to help them out of difficulties.

Unfortunately, despite my attempts to prevent it, Mr Boles was allowed to ramble on with the well rehearsed answers that we have consistently heard from his colleagues and, in particular, David Cameron.

The point of my question was completely avoided and that point was of course what Mr Boles was prepared to do to ensure that people living in his constituency did not have to suffer the degrading indignity of having to appear with their ‘begging bowls’ at a Food Bank.

This is the United Kingdom in the 21st century. It is appalling that we have this situation and politicians who refuse to acknowledge that they are letting the people of this country down.

Perhaps the next time you arrange a Question Time more people will turn up and take the MP and Councillors to task.

Joe Adkins

Worcester Road