Bingham now needs a 20mph speed restriction

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RESIDENTS living on Newgate Street in Bingham require additional support with their campaign to have the speed limit reduced by 10 mph to 20mph.

The lower speed limit should also apply to Fairfield Street and Kirkhill, especially as they incorporate an infant school.

Hopefully the new speed limit is achievable without installing so-called traffic calming measures.

Because early this year Newgate Street was resurfaced, it would be sacrilegious to disfigure it with ghastly concrete humps, when other roads around the town are in a dilapidated state.

If the council did construct traffic calming measures, it could be argued the money would have been better spent on establishing a one way system around the Market Place to ease the daily congestion.

In keeping with the increasing population and high traffic volumes, I understand there is a newly-formed national campaign to have all speed limits slashed by 10mph, to reduce death and serious injury on our roads.

Nigel J. Starbuck

Carnarvon Close, Bingham