Blue badge brigade are a menace to town centre

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On Thursday I was standing in Westgate just by the new crossing at the George Centre when I noticed a problem with the new road layout.

A woman on a mobility scooter went to use the crossing to get to the George Centre, and nearly got run over by a car coming up from Wide Westgate.

The driver could not see the crossing as he had to travel on the wrong side of the road because Grantham’s blue badge brigade had parked their cars outside HSBC bank, right up to the zig-zags of the crossing (which are not very long any way), therefore making Westgate single file traffic.

Now, if any heavy vehicle comes from the market place it makes it a problem for anything like a fire engine to get through in an emergency, this is one problem the planners didn’t take in to account.

On High Street at the bus stop on St Peters Hill on Monday, the bus I was on tried to pick up an elderly gent, but couldn’t get to the kerb - once again, because the blue badge brigade had parked too close to the bus stop.

The driver lowered the bus floor but the gentleman couldn’t get up the step and fell in the bus door. Luckily he didn’t hurt himself.

Albert Leeton

Harrowby Lane, Grantham