‘Bus service cuts will leave rural communities in limbo’

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Apparently, bus travel surveys to cover the East Midlands statistics for rural communities was conducted during the winter quarter when fewer passengers used public transport. Had the surveys been instrumental in the spring, the resultant statistics would demonstrate a greater demand for buses.

Undoubtedly the public can empathise with local authorities having to make every pound count and constituents understand the urgency to make fiscal cuts, however to cut bus subsides at present is ill-conceived.

The cost of motoring is on the cusp of becoming unaffordable, with ever increasing fuel prices and escalating insurance premiums, as well as parking charges and routine maintenance.

Should the programmed cuts come to fruition it will leave hundreds of villagers isolated, unable to do basic shopping or even post a letter, as most villages already lack a shop or post office and some have either lost their public house or are about to.

Cuts to bus services will leave rural communities in limbo. Also, shops and superstores in towns and cities will lose out because without transportation, lots of their customer base will be marooned in villages.


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