Business club is grateful town centre paths were cleared of snow

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Who would ever have thought we would get to test our readiness for such severe weather conditions less than a year after the last time?

Grantham Business Club started a new initiative called ‘Project Snowflake’ in the spring of this year. This would be an attempt to make sure the centre of Grantham would not grind to a halt under snow and ice again, as it did last winter.

Whilst as a business club we were limited as to what we could do to help, the good news is that Lincolnshire County Council and South Kesteven District Council came together to make sure our footpaths were kept clear.

Grantham Business Club would therefore like to express its appreciation for what they did to keep the town centre footpaths open. The pavements received considerable gritting during the recent bad weather and I’m sure the businesses and shoppers, particularly in the town centre, would wish to join in thanking SKDC and LCC for their efforts. Long may it continue!

Crispin Read

Grantham Business Club