Business won’t come to a town without broadband

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I read with interest, and a wry smile, the letter from Stuart Allan urging our MP Nick Boles to get active in supporting a by-pass for Grantham - some chance!

However, he might take an interest in getting Grantham onto the BT Open Reach programme for improvement in our Broadband speeds.

Mr Boles continues to spout rhetoric about encouraging growth in Grantham, just getting us on the list for this basic need might help - what business worth its salt will come to a town that doesn’t have a robust and modern internet connection to the rest of the world?

Alas, I even tried to get BT Vision (TV service) into my home, only to be told that I can’t because my download speed was not good enough.

I was told to check out when Grantham would be getting the ‘Infinity Broadband’ upgrade.

I checked the website which breaks it down into three categories: already done, in the process and in the pipeline.

No surprise that Grantham doesn’t feature at all. I’m sure this will be read by many with a wry smile, but I don’t think it’s a laughing matter to anyone involved in, and indeed responsible for catylising ‘growth’ in this town.

Joe Adkins

Worcester Road, Grantham