By-pass must come before 4,000 homes

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WITH reference to the A52 southern ‘quadrant’ development (Journal, September 23).

Even as a resident on the Somerby Hill estate, I can see the merits of the proposed relief road if done sympathetically, with a wide berth to our communities.

However, we have now learned that greenbelts either do not exist any more or are disregarded. So our modern governments have given new national planning policies to our councils, but these must be very relaxed if this allows an estate of approximately 400 reasonably spaced 1960s/70s rural homes to be swallowed up by 10 times this amount of South Kesteven District Council’s favourite compact inner city type homes as seen in other new developments in the town.

Maybe 1,000 homes spread around the town may have seemed like a worthwhile sacrifice to help finance the road (after all it is to benefit the whole town). But never mind the common sense approach, because to cover the cost of a £40m relief road alone we would need a £10,000 levy from each of these 4,000 homes. So why not just build them all on the hill anyway?

Never mind masking scenic views and destroying the habitat of some fine wildlife, including buzzards and newly populated red kite.

So what will the relief road achieve? Nothing, because diverted through-traffic will be replaced by local traffic generated by the new houses.

School times will cause a gridlocked Somerby Hill because it is too far for pupils to walk to most schools, yet buses are not provided for journeys of less than three miles.

They promise schools, a medical centre and shops. But where are these on the Barrowby Gate and Springfield estates?

These are mentioned to sell the project to the community but unlikely to materialise. They still haven’t built the bridge on Pennine Way, estimated at £4-5m, so lessons must be learned. Road first before housing developments, please.


Bridge End Grove, Grantham