Car park firm has responsibilities

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Accustomed to using Welham Street car park on Friday afternoons, I accessed the building from the St Catherine’s Road pedestrian entrance to discover half a dozen ten or 11-year-olds kicking a ball about amongst the parked vehicles, with another youngster riding a scooter close to the cars.

As I entered, I noted an attendant checking tickets but he did not speak to the children and he had left by the time I had reached and checked my own car for scars.

Notwithstanding the ‘loss or damage’ disclaimer printed on each parking ticket, the operator of the car park has a duty to ensure the security of the building, which appears to be well covered by cctv cameras.

And there can be no doubt that the children were at considerable risk amongst manoeuvring vehicles. Does the no liability disclaimer apply to them too? Come on now, Metric Parking. You can’t just sit there and take the cash.

Mike Sewell